Thursday, December 10, 2015

The unbranded brand.

Brandless is supposed to be a new concept? I couldn't agree less.

We are living in a world where we are constantly facing brands. Hundreds of items we use on a daily basis are probably branded. Drinks we consume, hand-cream we use, food we eat, games we play, clothes we wear - everything is branded. Isn't this sometimes all a bit too overwhelming?

The hipster scene has shown that covering up with brands isn't so fashionable anymore. The time when people wore t-shirts with bold letters "D&G" are over. The hipster trend says being different is cool (unfortunately they don't realise how much they all look the same). Wearing your grandfathers shirt or the vintage fur coat of your grandmother is the new chic.

Launching a new clothes line called "brandless" is implicitly also branding it by telling people how uncool it is to wear branded items and to wear theirs instead. What a perfect idea in times of the prevailing hipster trend.

Also I think there are already many brands on the market, which find the perfect balance between consciously resigning from using their brand names as a selling argument and still build customers awareness of their distinct product. They are using their brands but in a very classy way.

Let's look at one of these brands with it's headquarter in Switzerland. windsor.

On their website, they communicate that their fashion is more than just clothes. They are a way of life. Windsor customers value great quality and love understatement. Their fashion is timeless, classy and wouldn't ever put too much focus on the brand name.

I'm sure unbranded brands can have huge success, but I really wouldn't say that it is something new and "unbranded" is a very strong statement, which will be remembered by customers and increase the brands brand value.


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