Tuesday, November 17, 2015


As a fashion blog follower I was quite astonished not to find Kayture on the list of the best Swiss blogs, ranked by Patrizia Iseli, SEO and Digital Marketing Manager at the company Blue Glass. 

Nevertheless, let me answer the question here, why lifestyle blogs are currently so dominant.

Let’s face it classy paper magazines are out dated. Nowadays everyone is checking the latest trends and inspirations of his/her field of interest on their smart phones, tablets and notebooks. Especially generation Y won’t appreciate carrying around a paper magazine as much as their beloved smart phones.

Many companies have discovered that they have to engage in client reference management, only that clients are famous bloggers. It’s no coincidence half of the fashion bloggers I check regularly, have the same pair of Dior earrings, Givenchy handbags or Valentino shoes at the same time. They are paid to do what Claudia Schiffer did in a paper magazine in the 90ies. Looking sexy, fresh and tell you to buy a certain product. Only that you can find the link to the e-shop of your beloved product directly on the blog. No need to look for the product yourself anymore after you have carried around that paper magazine with you for days.

Blogs are for free, they’re trendy, internationally available, they sell perfect stories and and let us dream in our world ruled by consumerism. We believe people even trust the opinions of bloggers more than those of company associates. We can better relate to them, might even consider them as role-models because it feels like they live the normal life just as we do.

Blogs are personalised paper magazines that can be addictive if they are in your field of interest. For the fashion girls among you; I dont want to keep my very personal international top 10 from you.

New York chic to it’s finest. 

hello fashion blog
A stylish mum of three.

suburban fauxpas
Adorable Kerstin who shares her inspirations with the world.

sincerely jules
Pretty girl, distinct style, always sticking to her idea of fashion.

Lovely Pepa
Great everyday outfits from a Spanish girl who seems to have found her great love.

Garance Doré
Wonderful Pictures. Great Content. Perfectly beautiful blog. 

Business chic with an edge. 

Scent of Obsession
Relaxed chic and high-low aestethics.

Swiss girl conquering the fashion world. 

Fashion Hippie Loves
German girl with a passion for beautiful things.

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