Thursday, October 8, 2015

Digital Marketing

Hi there, we are Julia and Jenny and in the next few months we will actively be up-dating our blog on digital marketing for our course at the BFH. We hope that you will enjoy reading it and leave us some comments to have an interactive blog 

The first task that we were given in this module is to think about what we expect from it. As we all know the influence of the Internet has changed us in many ways, whether this is in our private lives or in the business world, it is important to learn how to effectively handle it. It is very important, to know how to treat social media and how it can be best put in to use in business and not only as a lunch-diary. 

Thanks to social media we are able to reach our customers through a very direct channel at any time and any place. We can get a better sense of how customers react to our offers, receive their immediate feedback and learn more about how to handle them in the future. Showing us a new way of customer relationship management.

Also we want to learn how enterprises can best handle their digital transformation and still comply with their corporate strategy. We all experienced how an interactive website or a great social media presence can build customer loyalty, the question is how-to.

We therefore expect from this course to guide us through the opportunities and threats digital marketing has to offer.

We hope you enjoy the small video that shows once again how present smartphones/ social media has become and say goodbye for now.

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