Friday, November 27, 2015

Build your future

Ever visited a headquarters of a company and just thought: „Wow, this building is really impressive!” 

But why do some companies invest so much money to make their headquarters stand out? 
Well, we can turn this question around and ask: “How can a company best demonstrate its power, wealth, and innovative strength?” (Spiegel Online, 2013)

The answer is through its headquarters. The building from which the company operates is the first thing the world sees when a company enters the market. (Corporate Architecture, 2015) It can reflect the company’s culture and values, as well as demonstrate how much money has been invested and therefore how wealthy and influential the company is.
A building can help a company to strengthen its corporate identity, as the architecture can convey trust and the company’s image. Corporate architecture, to introduce the technical term, can help the company to create an unusual building with lots of character reflecting the company’s values.
If a building fits a company really well, it can even increase productivity, as employees enjoy going to work in a special building and customers enjoy a very special experience when visiting the company. This effect is derived from aligning design, marketing, and functionality with each other.    
Therefore not only the digital appearance but also the real world appearance is very important for a company.(KMU Magazin, 2008)

One example of a company’s headquarters that reflects its core business quite well and has an impressive shape is the sail-shaped building of the French shipping company CMA CGM in Marseille. Another example is the “Laces” headquarters of Adidas that reminds us of shoelaces such as on their sport shoes. The first complete circular building to be built in the Middle East was the headquarters of the real estate and investment company Aldar Properties in Abu Dhabi. (Spiegel Online, 2013)

It is therefore possible for a company to communicate through their building and important to put a lot of thought into the architecture of their head quarter and start to better work together with architects. 

Adidas headquarters "Laces"
Headquarters of CMA CGM

Headquarters of Aldar Properties

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