Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Quest of the Blonde Salad

A "random" Italian girl starts posting her outfits on Pinterest and now is the most influential fashion blogger of the world. With millions of clicks to her fashion-blog each day, Chiara Ferragni has reached what many girls dream of. Not only is she the founder of her blog, but she also owns her own shoe line called the "Chiara Ferragni Shoes". She now owns a company, which she refers to as "TBS Crew" with twelve people working for her shoe line and her online fashion magazine.

The Blonde Salad Crew (

We have learned in class, that a extraordinary success in business usually has it's roots in a distinct product and a unforgettable story behind it. So what is the Holywood secret of The Blonde Salad?

Fashionable girl from Milan, posts pictures of herself and her distinct style on Pinterest and decides to create a blog in 2009. Together with her super cute boyfriend Riccardo Pozzoli they sell the perfect Italian fashion and love-story and soon banish thousands of followers. She seems to have the life many girls dream about. A walk-inn wardrobe full of shoes, handbags and couture from high-end brands like Chanel, Valentino and Herm├Ęs. Not to mention her cute little dog "Matilda" with whom she gains empathy from the animal lovers too. She travels the world with her Louis Vuitton luggage and gains international attention. Covers with VOGUE, cooperation with luxury-brands such as Cartier and invitations to the Cannes Film Festival follow.

Her now former boyfriend, business student Riccardo Pozzoli, is the Co-Founder and CEO of her fashion empire. They followed the distinct strategy to turn their blog into an online fashion magazine and focus on collaboration with high-end brands. They decided to work together with young talents and moved to Los Angeles. The city of young talents.

With a revenue of $8 million a year it's no wonder they gained Harvard Business Schools attention who wanted to create a case study for their MBA program. The case study is available under the following link:

What a wonderfully perfect example of successful self-marketing in the digital world we are living in.

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