Thursday, October 22, 2015

Smelling the future

This week we discovered something very new to us: a device which makes it possible to send our friends different scents from our mobile phone!

The oPhone makes it possible. You first have to buy the oNotes device which can contain different oChips that carry the various scents in them and download the app oNotes on to your phone and you are ready to go.
The oChips work like ink cartridges for our printers, only that they carry different aromas instead of different colours. The first generation of oChips included three scent families: coffee, foodie, and memory. Once they are inside the oNotes device the scents can be mixed to over 300’000 unique aroma combinations.
You can now send pictures to your friends and tell them what the for example pizza on your picture smells like and they can receive this scent over their oNotes device. 
Thanks to this technology, we can enter a whole new world of sharing sensory experiences. This will also bring lots of new opportunities for digital marketing. For example we could imagine a perfumery that has an online shop can now add the scent of each perfume to the matching picture and the customers can smell the different scents at home and easily decide which perfume to buy.

Other online shops will also be more able to influence customer behaviour through scents and make their web sites more interactive by letting their customers test different scents.
We are both very excited to see where this invention will take us and what impacts it will exactly have on digital marketing. 

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