Saturday, November 7, 2015

Blogging journalists

So far in our digital marketing course we have discussed various aspects of how companies can use the internet and social media to generate sales. Of course we have always looked at the possibilities of blogging in this matter. 

But Blogs are not only used by companies, they can also be used by customers who to an extent have some influence on our online marketing. Another group of Bloggers which we would like to focus our attention on this time are journalists.
The opinion of journalists influences customer behaviour and of course, if a journalist decided to write an article or a blog entry about a company or its products, it brings a lot of publicity. 

Therefore we thought it would be interesting to see how journalists use blogging to better understand how they function. We found a blog that summarizes the “7 Survival-Tips for journalists online” given by Richard Gutjahr. Richard Gutjahr, besides working as a freelance journalist for German Radio & Television (ARD), is a consultant for start-ups, journalists, and media companies to manage their presence on social media platforms.

The most striking tip from Richard Gutjahr that divers from what we learned is important for companies using social media is that journalists should give all social media platforms a try. No matter if this is Snapchat, Twitter, or Blogs. For journalists to be present on all these channels can be useful to generate a big contact databank. 

A lot of the other tips for journalist can also be applied to a company's online appearance, such as the tip that attention is in a way the money of the internet, the more attention you get the better. Another tip wich we find important is that the constant changes and advances of the internet require continious learning from the journalist and as we think also from the social media team of a company. 

Leave us a comment with what you think about these tips for journalists and how we can take advantage of them!

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